Pig (2021) - Movie Review
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I have been promoting the AGE OF CAGE for some years now and am pleased the Keanu-fication of the deity Nick Cage is nearly complete. Adding to his raft of actually great performances in actually great indie fair, is one of the most surprising films of recent years. Better to watch it thinking you are getting a John Wick rip off with a pig, than read up on just how far wrong that assertion is. Wonderful, in the truest sense of the word.
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It's Morbin time! fellow kids. Despite awful reviews, I didn't have a problem with this 300% on Rotten Tomatoes smash fail. I haven't been a fan of Jared Leto's jarring cameos in recent movie history, but he fares much better as a lead here, and both he and Matt Smith have, I think well developed...
Published 05/28/22
Published 05/28/22
As we continue to trawl the depths of remake and reboot - the unasked for return to a lesser Steven King novel and its even lesser film version, has been panned by critics. A whopping 11% Rotten Tomatoes. HOWEVER if you like the modern era's low key, low budget, homage to cult 70's/80's horror or...
Published 05/28/22