Sault - Air (2022) Album Review
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Arguably the world's most important band, after the still largely anonymous London collective have now put out six near fantastic albums in only three years. But this one is a shocker, after five albums steeped in "black" music, whether that be retro, contemporary or future - they decided a classical album was the way to go. Even more surprising is how white it is - as least in its wholehearted embrace of a very European classical tradition of choral, brass and orchestral traditions. Beautiful paced, overlaying imaginative shifts to this paradigm at expertly placed spots - a triumph.
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The much heralded Irish "Shoe-gazers" second album proves it's the genre that will never die and after Black Country, New Road probably my second favorite "Indie" album of the year. Built on a nightmarish fever dream sound-stage of squalling guitars, Suicide/Joy Division throbbing bass,...
Published 07/04/22
Published 07/04/22
With already one of the most impeccable discographies over the last decade, Mike Hadreas' latest is a wild left turn into the avant-garde. Originally music for a modern dance piece, here assembled as an album, gone are the front and center vocals and melodies, replaced by in turns ambient, left...
Published 07/04/22