Perfume Genius - Ugly Seaon (2022) Album Review
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With already one of the most impeccable discographies over the last decade, Mike Hadreas' latest is a wild left turn into the avant-garde. Originally music for a modern dance piece, here assembled as an album, gone are the front and center vocals and melodies, replaced by in turns ambient, left field and industrial passages - that fair better on a compelling second half.
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Perhaps no-one deserves the moniker of post Kubrick auteur than Canadian director, David Cronenberg, who has plowed his own singular vision, without bending to any outside will, for decades. His entire body of work is surprisingly vast and full and his latest plays like a greatest hits riff on it...
Published 08/04/22
Published 08/04/22
In one of the most prolific archival releases from any artist in history, a genuine previously canned Neil Young and Crazy Horse album would appear to be one of the top tier items to have come out. This is tempered by the fact the album was virtually re-recorded with Booker T and the MG's as Are...
Published 07/30/22