Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre (2023) Movie Review
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Guy Ritchie's latest still isn't doubling down on the career high of The Gentlemen, but whilst the luminescent Aubrey Plaza or an irascible Hugh Grant are on screen, this appallingly rote spy-flick is elevated.
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Another 4K retro review and a real eyeopener. Perhaps my idea of this film had been sullied by subsequent sequels but it is far less goofy or zany than I remembered, and far more thoughtful and, often beautiful. It also hews far closer to the original of these films, the classic Out of Sight....
Published 05/03/23
I swear these films are getting worse. Removing anything remotely charming or funny about the first two films and with a main cast that appears tonally to be acting in different movies, this is an objectively worse film than the awful Shazam 2, but a brilliant Jonathan Majors villain, Kang, and...
Published 05/03/23
Published 05/03/23