Ocean’s Eleven (2001) Film Review
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Another 4K retro review and a real eyeopener. Perhaps my idea of this film had been sullied by subsequent sequels but it is far less goofy or zany than I remembered, and far more thoughtful and, often beautiful. It also hews far closer to the original of these films, the classic Out of Sight. With as charismatic a cast as modern films get, an iconic soundtrack from David Holmes, a surprisingly brilliant script, and more style than is even fair, it rivals The Sting as the greatest heist movie ever made. It is also, on every level, one of the most perfectly made films put together this century.
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I thought the worst that could happen was a 6/10 and it couldn't physically be possible to make a worse Indi film than the Crystal Skull. I was wrong. Not only is it just a stupid and bad, it's also far more boring. For an unforgivable lack of imagination, a dullness beyond belief, the worst ever...
Published 09/18/23
Published 09/18/23
What in tarnation is one time enfant terrible Ben Wheatley doing directing this!? (seriously, watch The Kill List or Sightseers). Happily, nearly everything is done better here than the lackluster first film, including a magnificent final third.
Published 09/18/23