The Killer (2023) Film Review
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I fully expected director, David Fincher's new film to be a stone cold Day of The Jackal look into the mind of an assassin. It isn't, its a far more rote and overdone revenge story, yet at the same time, the level of class every single aspect of its making possesses, the awards worthy performance of a long absent Michael Fassbender and the fact it leans fully into black comedy, makes it feel new and incredibly watchable.
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This Rambo 2-esque actioner may have one of the worst titles in modern history, and very little story, but director William Eubank is proving to be so competent technically, fans of high tech, Delta Force shoot-outs in the jungle will have plenty salivate over.
Published 02/25/24
Published 02/25/24
With the recent passing of legendary singer, Damo Suzuki (16 January 1950 – 9 February 2024), from Krautrock legends, Can, a walk through one of the finest runs in music, a discography I would keep over the peak album periods of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd and possibly my favorite...
Published 02/18/24