Tom Nichols: Grow Up and Act like an Adult
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Republicans are blowing off the Jan. 6 investigation, and the Deplorable Squad is normalizing rhetoric that can lead to political violence. Can the pro-democracy coalition quit the name-calling and get down to business? Tom Nichols joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast. Special Guest: Tom Nichols.
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Charlie Sykes and Tim Miller take the measure of Biden's press conference and his first year in the office — and come down on different sides. The Bulwark coalition in all its glory, on today's podcast. Special Guest: Tim Miller.
Published 01/20/22
Published 01/19/22
America needs a coalition that crosses party and ideological lines — to counter the authoritarian menace inside the Republican Party, and GOP leaders who lie about the election and the virus. Will Saletan tells Charlie Sykes why he's joining the fight at The Bulwark. Special Guest: Will Saletan.
Published 01/19/22