Calligraphy Masters Show #013 - Sachinspiration with more than 25 years of experience
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Talking with my tam mate Sachin Shah about his journey in Calligraphy. Where and how his passion started, what kept him in love with letters, what were the difficulties he had and how overcame them. How much time he spends on Calligraphy. About all the different styles and tools that he uses, his dreams and more..
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Calligraphy Masters Podcast is finally back!! An episode with Mark from Letters in Design Conference!  Calligraphy Masters Show is a show where I talk with some of the most inspiring and influential artists in the world of Calligraphy, Lettering and Sign Painting with the goal of exploring...
Published 10/27/19
James sharing his journey and lettering! What makes him excited about being an artist. What struggles he had in the beginning and how he overcame them. What's the road of being homeless to getting super famous and full with clients and jobs all the time. Traveling the world with his letters,...
Published 06/02/19
In this episode Goshawaf shares: -his journey in Calligraphy -who were his teachers and who inspired him -The struggles he had with Calligraphy -About his TED talks -His favourite tools to work with -Dealing with depression -working for clients -About workshops -some secrets and more...
Published 06/02/19