The Delicate Dance of Being Nice To Cars
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It's not always easy being nice when you're paid to be honest. This week, the Carmudgeons discuss how to give a bad review without upsetting everyone. === Click here to join the Hagerty Driver's Club: === John Phillips: "What Not To Write." Derek's job is to facilitate sales of cars between collectors, which often requires him to be honest to both buyer and seller. That's especially difficult when a car isn't great. Jason's job is to give unbiased, fact-based reviews of cars. It's easy when things are good, but word choice and observations require extra scrutiny when insults are flying. Perhaps no one did harsh reviews better than Automobile Magazine's Robert Cumberford or Car and Driver's John Phillips. And so Jason recounts Robert's hilarious takedown of the famously opulent Bugatti EB110 reveal from 1991. And he found a Car and Driver column from Mr. Phillips where he shared some of his most hilarious burns. But the best part of the episode? Listening to Derek giggle. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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