Automakers Are Cheating Again!
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If you've noticed that headlights are blinding, you should know it's because automakers are cheating on lighting standards, just as they've cheated about emissions and safety. Jason calls it Lighting-Gate! === Click here to join the Hagerty Driver's Club: === The dim-witted U.S. Government has blocked automakers from installing Adaptive Matrix Lights, which are a quantum step forward in lighting technology, because it worries about them blinding oncoming traffic.  Which they're specifically designed to avoid. Meanwhile, the automakers have been blatantly cheating on lighting standards by installing "dark pixels" so that their cars pass the ill-written letter of the law but entirely not the spirit. And the government hasn't noticed — they've probably been blinded by those headlights.  And worse, at the same time, they've allowed cars to be driven without a single light on their exterior — but a fully illuminated, dimmed instrument panel.  And ALSO, allows red turn signals, when amber turn signals have been demonstrated to reduce rear-end collisions by a FOURTH. We have an epidemic of bad automotive lighting in America, and the automakers need to be held accountable.  === Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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