Crash Landing On You (Final Part)
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Tune in to hear our discussion on Crash Landing On You- Seri's return to South Korea and how bonding grows multifolds between "BinJin".πŸ’™ Segment 1: Capt. Ri's journey to South Korea to save his lady love.πŸ’˜ Segment 2: Discussion about Crazy plans the team came up with to find Seri and their reaction to a Capitalistic South Korea.😁 Segment 3: "BinJin" destined to be together forever🀞🀞 Segment 4: IMMORTAL Cho Cheol Gang, Is he ever going to die???????πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Segment 5: A Must Watch Drama and our never ending love for it.😍 Listen to our crazy K-Talks and do share your Valuable feedback on our official Insta Handle @the_chingus_talk and Twitter Handle @Chingutalk. Our podcast is now available on apple podcast and iTunes as well- THE CHINGU'S TALKπŸŽ™ Thank You, Take care Stay Safe!!😊
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