Introducing: Restless Natives !
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Hey listener, here's a podcast we think you'd like... Restless Natives is a cult Scottish film from 1985 featuring two scallywags – The Clown & The Wolfman. It’s iconic. Two resourceful rascals who take on the ambitious task of holding-up tourist buses in the Highlands… They were Robin Hood, only Scottish and on the back of a motorbike. Gordon Smart & Martin Compston are sampling that spirit - inspired by The Clown & The Wolfman - and distilling it into a podcast. They are setting themselves lofty ambitions before setting off in pursuit of tasks and goals they have absolutely no right achieving. A bit like their careers in TV, movies, newspapers and radio… Join them as they recount some of their ridiculous scrapes and adventures from the past while they plan even more ambitious, unreachable schemes for the future. Some of them will be achieved and others will crash and burn spectacularly. They’ve got lots to talk about, lots to share with you and nothing but time. As the film once said: “Is this the end of the story or a beginning of a legend?”
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