The Libertines, Dawn French, and the team get roasted by Paddy McGuinness #413
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Did you come along to the Radio X drinks on Wednesday? Was a laugh wasn’t it! Such a shame Chris and Dom weren’t invited… On this week's episode of the Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast, Pippa returned to the studio bringing an end to the lads-lads-lads content, but boy did we have a great week. Our guests were on fine form this week as Paddy McGuinness managed to offend Dom, Chris and Captain Crapbeard all in the same interview. Pippa didn’t get off scot-free though, as Dawn French stopped by and challenged her to a wrestling match! Pete & Carl of The Libertines also came by the studio to talk about their new music, and discussed their detective agency, Albion Solutions. We had a double-bill of actors, as Robert Carlyle chatted about the new season of COBRA: Rebellion (which doesn’t involve snakes) and Matthew Fox reminisced on the filming of ‘Lost’ in gorgeous Hawaii. If six top tier guests aren’t enough to get you to click play, we also had the usual silliness, including: More self-hugging as the team listen to Pubcast clips Pippa teaches the team KoreanChris sends a voice note to da boss Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am
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