The Codcast: Episode 50
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In this episode of The Codcast, Nameless and Pacman discuss a variety of topics including Toronto/Faze Major, Dallas Major, OpTic Major 1, Minnesota Major, OpTic Major 2, Roster Moves and even some Predictions
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In this episode of The Codcast, Nameless and PACMAN discuss current results and standings of the Call of Duty League. In addition to CDL news they also answer some call-in questions. Enjoy!
Published 05/05/21
Published 05/05/21
In this episode we talk to Parasite about his time on Royal Ravens and his future in the CDL. XP Sports™ supplements are engineered to enhance your gaming experience. They'll help you focus on winning. Buy today at 🔗​ using code “CODCAST” or "NAMELESS" for 30%...
Published 04/09/21