E169 | Coffee Speak: SCA Expo 2022 Part I
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I found myself on a last-minute flight to Boston for the SCA Expo this year and I had two parts to my mission: first, host an open-mic style interview with any coffee loving person I could find and second, interview someone for our upcoming 2022 series! It was so nice to meet so many listeners of the show! I hope you enjoy these conversations with coffee people across the globe. Sponsored by: CRAVER: Connect with your customers through custom-branded mobile apps and online ordering
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This is part II of speaking with guests from the SCA Expo in Boston 2022. We hear from speakers of Re:co like Noa Berger and a live recording from an event with Cxffeeblack and Bartholomew Jones. Sponsored by: Ground Control
Published 07/18/22
Published 04/16/22
Ukrainian coffee professionals grapple with the realities of a brutal invasion by Russia by stepping up with their skills and helping their fellow Ukrainians. Julia put together a spreadsheet you can use as a portal to support humanitarian efforts on the ground...
Published 04/16/22