E171 | Coffee Speak: Glocal & Dropping Bars
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This is part II of speaking with guests from the SCA Expo in Boston 2022. We hear from speakers of Re:co like Noa Berger and a live recording from an event with Cxffeeblack and Bartholomew Jones. Sponsored by: Ground Control
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Starbucks is the world's largest coffee brand and the National Consumers League (NCL) is stepping in with a lawsuit aimed at its 'ethical' sourcing claims. We invited NCL CEO Sally Greenberg onto the show to explain the advocacy group’s justification for filing the suit. National Consumers...
Published 02/19/24
Published 02/19/24
This episode is jam packed with surprises for our listeners. What else can I say without spoiling the whole thing? Happy new year! Contact Information Social: Instagram Threads LinkedIn YouTube: @coffeepodcast Subscribe to the The Coffee Podcast Brewsletter Subscribe >
Published 01/30/24