E177 | Culture Matters to Coffee Farmers
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"Not all of life is economic." Do all coffee producers want what researchers want? Contact Karl Cheap Coffee Website — http://www.cheapcoffeebook.comKarl on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/karlwienhold References The Embedded Agroecology of Coffee Agroforestry: A Contextualized Review of Smallholder Farmers’ Adoption and ResistanceSponsor message: Get the most out of your specialty coffee with Third Wave Water. Use COFFEEPODCAST for 10% off your first order at ThirdWaveWater.com. Contact Information Email: [email protected] Social: LinkedIn YouTube: @coffeepodcast Subscribe to the The Coffee Podcast Brewsletter Subscribe >
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Published 06/12/24
Published 06/12/24
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