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The story of Metric Coffee is compelling, inspirational, and challenges the status quo of the modern coffee company as they are “Guided by Quality, Radical Transparency and the Transformative Power of a Fair Price to Producers.” If you have had a cup of coffee from Metric you have tasted Metric’s rich decade old story. But the sensory experience does not reveal the full value behind the cup. In this conversation we sit down with Xavier Alexander and learn what it cost him and his loved ones to pursue their coffee dream. Resources and References METRIC20% OFF Discount Code: COFFEEPODAd Partners The New Coffee Shop Welcome Box, by Fresh Cup MagazineMaxwell Dashwood's "The Business of Specialty Coffee"Contact Information Email: [email protected] Social: LinkedIn YouTube: @coffeepodcast Subscribe to the The Coffee Podcast Brewsletter Subscribe >
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Published 06/12/24
Published 06/12/24
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