A Comeback Throwback
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This episode is jam packed with surprises for our listeners. What else can I say without spoiling the whole thing? Happy new year! Contact Information Social: Instagram Threads LinkedIn YouTube: @coffeepodcast Subscribe to the The Coffee Podcast Brewsletter Subscribe >
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Starbucks is the world's largest coffee brand and the National Consumers League (NCL) is stepping in with a lawsuit aimed at its 'ethical' sourcing claims. We invited NCL CEO Sally Greenberg onto the show to explain the advocacy group’s justification for filing the suit. National Consumers...
Published 02/19/24
Published 02/19/24
Xavier Alexander's perspective on the dynamic between coffee farmer and roaster goes further than typical definitions of "direct trade." Metric's philosophy on coffee sourcing focuses on economic sustainability for both farmer and roaster. Resources and References METRIC20% OFF Discount Code:...
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