The Story of Specialty Coffee: Roaster
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Roasting is more than a technical skill.Hara Kumaran tells his story and explains the way he thinks about roasting coffee with people in mind.Hara KumaranInstagram: @photokumaranMetric (where Hara roasts)MentionsCoffee Roasting Series Episode 1: Roasting BasicsSponsor Message: With our revolutionary R+R upcycling platform, your coffee packaging becomes a force for sustainability. Embrace the future with Savor Live, patented augmented reality packaging technology developed in-house that ...
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I wanted to title this episode "Final Hands" but it seemed strange—so I titled it "Brewer" because the final hands are the ones that brew the coffee. Still, I did not like it, but it is the best I've got!Britt Schermerhorn talks about what it means to have and hand off ownership at the end of...
Published 07/09/24
Published 07/09/24
Without a designer and packaging, how can a bag of specialty coffee tell the proper story?Patrick Lau shares his passion for packaging, design, and what it means to be pono. Patrick LauLinkedIn @ patricklausavorbrandsSavor Brands: Compost+Sabor Brands: Mobile AppSavor Brands: Pono...
Published 06/28/24