Kevin Halloran shares encouragement from his book, “When Prayer Is a Struggle,” Brian and Aubrey react to the heartbreaking testimony of U.S. gymnasts before Congress, and they unpack the term, “Political Evangelicals” - September 16, 2021
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(00:00-9:38): Brian and Aubrey discussed Matt Henslee’s Lifeway Research article, “Comfort for the Ghosted Pastor.” (9:38-27:20): Kevin Halloran, Author of, “When Prayer Is a Struggle: A Practical Guide for Overcoming Obstacles in Prayer,” joined Brian and Aubrey to talk about his book and his Gospel Coalition article, “How the Lord’s Prayer Can Help You Overcome Your Prayer Struggles” Learn more about Kevin at and connect with him on Twitter at @kp_halloran (27:20-36:05): Brian and Aubrey reacted to the “testimony from gymnasts as Congress investigates FBI's handling of Larry Nassar sexual abuse case.”  (36:05-45:16): How should Christians respond to the label, “‘Political Evangelicals’?” Brian and Aubrey talked about this and commented on Kate Shellnutt’s Christianity Today article, “‘Political Evangelicals’? More Trump Supporters Adopt the Label.” See for privacy information.
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