Blowing up on TikTok, Creating Comedy Ads & Balancing a Partnership - Greg Auerbach & Nate Twer
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Today's episode we sit down with Content Creators Greg Auerbach and Nate Twer. Greg & Nate, have been blowing up on Social Media over the past few years with their unique take of comedy skits intertwined with brand advertisements. I have personally been a part of many of those as their DP and have seen them grow to be able to work on some larger scale projects. Their unique style has amassed tens of thousands of fans and  brands such as True Classic, Everyman Jack, Ekster Wallets, 7-11, Wawa, McDonalds, Chipotle and many more. I am very excited to talk with them not only about their journey as creators, but their evolution from creating Tik tok content to high end commercial work. Hope you enjoy this episode. ________________________________________ Follow Greg: Follow Nate: ________________________________________ SUPPORT THE PODCAST! ________________________________________ LEAVE A RATING!  If you're enjoying the show, leave us a rating on Spotify & Apple Podcast! ________________________________________ FOLLOW ON IG! Carlo: The Creative Gap:
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