Directing, Passion Projects, Faith & Family - Salomon Ligthelm
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Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with someone who has been a major pioneer in the world of modern directing and storytelling, Salomon Ligthelm. Born in South Africa but currently residing in NYC. He has a vast array of work ranging from high end commercial work, innovative music videos to very intimate human centric stories. When you see his work you know its his. Not only is he a renowned filmmaker but he is also an extremely talented musician, music producer and audio engineer. He is a father and husband. In this episode we talk about writing, directing, passion projects, family, faith, AI and technology. Hope you enjoy! ________________________________________ Follow Salomon: ________________________________________ SUPPORT THE PODCAST! ________________________________________ LEAVE A RATING!  If you're enjoying the show, leave us a rating on Spotify & Apple Podcast! ________________________________________ FOLLOW ON IG! Carlo: The Creative Gap:
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