Andy Reid devoted listener? Picking 1 young QB. Bad autograph seekers. Masters stories. Week 10 picks.
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Cris Collinsworth let’s Richard Sherman know that he thinks Andy Reid has tuned into the podcast (2:30). The guys discuss the ongoing impact that covid-19 has on the NFL (3:00). Cris talks about the balance among teams and the level of competition this year and he asks Richard why he thinks that is (6:10). Cris and Richard share stories about being under the spotlight and what kind of responsibility comes with it (9:55). Revisiting what counts as a catch and what doesn’t in the NFL (17:45). Are the New York Jets on the fast track to get Trevor Lawrence? (20:04). Tua, Kyler, Herbert, Allen who would you take? (22:30). Cris and Richard share a few golf stories (25:05). George Chahrouri joins the podcast to discuss Week 10 lines (29:30). Colts at Titans (33:00). Buccaneers at Panthers (35:45). Bills at Cardinals (38:50). Chargers at Dolphins (42:15). Seahawks at Rams (45:50).
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Richard Sherman, Cris Collinsworth and George Chahrouri discuss some of the coaching changes along with the AFC and NFC games in great depth.
Published 01/20/21
Richard Sherman, Cris Collinsworth and George Chahrouri discuss the results of the Wild Card games and more specifically discuss going for it or not on 4th down, when it’s the right decision and when it’s not (3:45). They also discuss the upcoming divisional round games (23:35). Rams at Packers...
Published 01/13/21
Davante Adams joins Richard Sherman and Cris Collinsworth to share stories about watching Richard play in College while he was still in Highschool (1:55), talk about how the Packers are dealing with losing Bakhtiari for the playoffs while the offense is doing so well (5:40), playing and...
Published 01/06/21