175: Introducing the HyperRubric
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Most rubrics only tell students where they are right now, but a HyperRubric marks their progress as they go, then points them to tools that can help them improve. In this episode, I talk with ELA teachers Tyler Rablin and Jeff Frieden about how they developed this new format and how it works. ------------------- Thanks to Listenwise and ISTE for sponsoring this episode. -------------------
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This subtle little teaching move stops off-task behavior in a class session and gets things back on track without drama!  You can find full written versions of these tips at cultofpedagogy.com/edutips. ------------------- Thanks to Reading Progress in Teams for sponsoring this episode. ...
Published 10/10/21
Many well-intended efforts to make schools more equitable often fail because we're trying to make them work inside a system that's a terrible fit for them. What's been missing is a whole-school approach that creates a path forward that is radically different from what we've done before. In this...
Published 10/04/21