Don't Let Simple Get Complicated
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  Way back in 2005, when Motivation To Move began, I found myself focused on creating the world's simplest success recipe when I said, "Stand up. Take a step. REPEAT!" My way of thinking told me that everything else would take care of itself if that's all I did. It has proven me correct again and again. But, say that you get yourself moving and are having challenges maintaining forward momentum? In The One Thing, Gary Keller writes, "Success is sequential, not simultaneous." In other words, it's not about doing everything at one time. It's about having one success at a time. When you Stand up, take a step, and repeat, you are already guaranteed to have more success than the average human. But the magic happens when you define your focus. Gary Keller also has a suggestion that will help. Ask yourself one question… "What's the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?" Yes. It is a simple question, and you may attempt to complicate your answer. Don't do it. Take the time to find an absolute simple focus. The reward for your persistence in simple will be massive progress and satisfaction.
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