The Big Suey: The Baked Potato
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The Le Batard crew discuss what foods would be acceptable to eat at a gentleman’s club, is Space Jam II going to be good, after a successful year Marlins GM Mike Hill’s contract was not renewed – where does Jeter go from here and more. 
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The Crew tries to find out where the doorbell chime comes from.
Published 12/04/20
Dan Le Batard and Stugotz talk to Scott Hanson and Dan ‘Nitro’ Clark gives his picks as the former reigning Celebrity Prognosticator. Plus, they explain the Jerry Lewis MD Telethon to the show and open up The Club. 
Published 12/04/20
Dan Le Batard and Stugotz ask Ron Magill if they can name animals after themselves, the premise of Chris Jericho beating Colin Cowherd is incredible, would you give up Bam Adebayo for Giannis, Eric Bieniemy has some interesting landing spots for next year and more. 
Published 12/04/20