Losses To The Clippers and Kings Over The Weekend w/ Chris Hine
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On today's show, Dane is joined by Wolves beat writer, Chris Hine from the Star Tribune to discuss the Wolves' losses to the Kings and Clippers over the weekend. Dane and Chris then close the episode by putting together what they think would be the Wolves best/easiest path for playoff matchups and what the worst/toughest path would look like. Specific topics and timestamps below... - How concerned should Wolves be about their late-game offense? (2:30) - The strategies, like switching-5, that teams use against the Wolves in 4th quarters (12:00) - Elite defensive games being overshadowed by poor offense (25:00) - How the Clippers adjusted in this matchup (33:00) - The Kings matchup: defensive rebounding, pace and Monk (38:00) - Best/Worst playoff matchup paths for the Wolves (50:00) If you'd like to support our partners... -- Contact Adrianna Lonick with Coldwell Banker Realty for a free consultation (and get a pair of Wolves tickets) at: https://www.thedancingrealtor.com/ or call/text 715-304-9920 -- To enter the ticket giveaway, support the show by subscribing for $5 a month: https://www.patreon.com/DaneMooreNBA -- Try Factor Meals at: https://factormeals.com/danemoore50 -- Try out Stone & Skillet and use code "DANE" for 20% off: https://www.stoneandskillet.com/ -- Contact Your Home Improvement Company: https://www.yourhomeimprovementco.com/ -- Sign up for Prize Picks, promo code "DANE" for a $100 signup bonus: https://www.prizepicks.com/ -- Try Duer Jeans. For 15% off: https://shopduer.com/?utm_source=podsearch&utm_medium=audio&utm_campaign=danemoore23 -- Try BetterHelp at: https://www.betterhelp.com/DANEMOORE -- Sign up today for a 14-day free trial of Aura’s digital security at Aura.com/Dane -- Want to advertise on the show? Reach out to [email protected] -- #BlueWireVideo Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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