Fitting In & Pulling Out with Eddie Fresco
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00:00:00 Intro 00:06:44 What makes Eddie Fresco Different? 00:11:48 Tattoos Pain & Public Perception 00:20:22 The Stigma of Speaking English in Malta 00:24:24 John Mallia, No Bling Show, Lapes, and Maltese Rap 00:28:25 The Language Divide in Malta 00:31:55 Every Comedian wants to be a Rapper and every Rapper wants to be a Comedian 00:37:26 Hawn tad-Doughnuts 00:37:57 I Can't Wait to Get Cancelled, Racebending, and the Chilling Effect of Cancel Culture 00:46:02 Andrew Tate & Sneako Blowing Up 00:51:56 The Problem with the Redpill Movement Focusing on Looks, Money, and Status 01:00:57 Eddie Fresco's Best Bars, Real Name, and Preferred Mode of Birth Control 01:09:46 Why Eddie Fresco Started to Make Music 01:10:43 Become Successful with Women and the Limits of that Success 01:21:53 Tinder in Malta 01:22:58 Having Eight Girlfriends 01:29:57 Dwarfs, Fisting, and Sexual Culture in Czechia 01:39:10 Never Punch a Groupie in the Face 01:43:23 Eddie Fresco Tries to Guess Dan's Favourite Rap Lyrics 01:49:29 Build Your Perfect Woman 01:56:11 She Won't Stick Around if All you've got is Money 02:00:55 Tried to Let Her Go, But the Hoe like a Frisbee 02:04:39 Crab meat Got My Ass Looking Healthy 02:06:57 F**k her like a Dog but she calls me the Goat -------------------- Eddie's Instagram: Eddie's Tiktok: Eddie's Spotify: -------------------- TikTok Apple Podcasts Spotify Instagram Support the Podcast: Support the show
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