Moment 137: Finance Isn’t Rocket Science! The 2 Simple Skills Billionaires Use Everyday: Codie Sanchez
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In this moment, investor and financial educator, Codie Sanchez discusses the first steps in understanding the game of finance and deals. Codie says herself that she is no financial genius, however with her background as a journalist, she is able to right the ask right questions to the right people in order to get the right answers. Through this she was able to infiltrate the world of finance and saw behind the curtain. Codie realised there is no difference between a $100 million deal and a $100,000 deal, all were just slight larger steps up the ladder. To see behind the curtain, Codie believes there are 2 key skills people need to realise: firstly, learn how to do deals, which is not complex but only made to seem complicated through financial language. Secondly, understanding the importance of connecting with the right people, online or IRL who can give you all the information you need about the business you are entering. Finally, Codie believes that we never actually sell anyone anything or convince them to do anything, but instead you connect with what people are already truly feeling. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Codie: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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