Moment 143: This Is Why You Can't Lose Weight: Daniel Lieberman
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In this moment, Harvard University professor and best-selling author, Daniel Lieberman, busts some of the most common myths around exercise. For 2 of the biggest myths, Daniel says that they are too simplistic, saying that you must sleep 8 hours a night or that sitting is terrible for your health. Instead, he says that most people do better with 7 hours of sleep a night, (but this can change depending on age and health) also, sitting isn’t bad for you if you mix it up with regular interruptions. Daniel also helps to clear up the debate that exercise does nothing for weight loss. He says the problem is actually that the recommended 150 minutes per week of exercise is not nearly enough, but higher levels of exercise lead to sustained weight loss and prevents regaining weight after losing it. In reality he claim that most of the truth about diet and exercise is more complex than we are led to believe. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - You can purchase Dr Lieberman’s newest book, ‘Exercised: The Science of Physical Activity, Rest and Health’, here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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