Moment 145: The Alarming Link Between Your GUT & Depression: Tim Spector
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In this week’s moment, gut health and diet expert Dr Tim Spector discusses the power of the microbiome, your crucial community of gut microbes. Discoveries about the microbiome have exploded in the last 10 years and revolutionised the way we see the tiny bugs living within our intestine. Tim sees the microbiome as an incredible pharmacy within us, as individual microbes pump out vital chemicals for your immune system. These chemicals also affect brain function and your moods, playing a vital role in depression, as this is directly linked to the quality of your gut microbes. How do you improve your microbiome? Food plays a vital role in feeding microbes, Tim says the key is to consume as diverse a range of plants as possible, aiming for 30 different types of plants a week to maximise the diversity of species in your gut. Listen To The Full Episode Here -  Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Tim Spector: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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