It’s Not Uncommon To Have Our Head In The Sand - What’s The Remedy?
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Have you ever had an “aha moment” where you suddenly realize there is a significant problem you’ve been avoiding by burying your head in the sand? This is a common behavior, and there are many reasons we may lean on this coping mechanism. But once you’ve admitted there is a problem, what’s the next step? That’s what today’s guest, Dr. Tom Black, is here to discuss. Dr. Black is a Naval veteran and former ER physician, and he’s going to share with us how to take an empowered stance and make informed decisions to achieve the life you want.  You can find the show notes for this episode and more information by clicking here:   In this episode we’re talking about: Dr. Black’s winding road to a career in medicine The value of learning from your mistakes How Tom realized a clinical career was not for him Assessing whether your current path will take you where you want to go The importance of asking yourself if you are happy Understanding the role of finances in making life decisions Why creating a plan is such a valuable tool   Links for this episode: Dr. Thomas Black’s LinkedIn The Passive Income Physician - Surviving a Career Crisis By Expanding Net Worth by Dr. Thomas Black The Tax Code: Change The Facts of Your Financial Life to Create True Wealth And Peace of Mind by Dr. Thomas Black Carpe Diem Resume Kit - Converting your CV to a resume helps recruiters better understand why you are a great match for a specific job. My resume kit will guide you through creating a polished resume for your desired job. Templates are included as well as a bonus on writing your cover letter. Give yourself the best chance of getting that interview!
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