Wound Care Physician - A Rewarding And Flexible Option
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Physicians often leave clinical medicine not because they don’t want to see patients anymore, but because they are burned out from the charting, long hours, and lack of flexibility that come with the role. But what if I told you that a clinical option exists that allows you to keep caring for patients without these common headaches? This is what today’s guest, Dr. Heather Awad, a family medicine physician who transitioned to wound care, is here to discuss, along with why she loves this role and how you can pursue this option if it interests you. You can find the show notes for this episode and more information by clicking here: www.doctorscrossing.com/103    In this episode we’re talking about: Dr. Awad’s journey from family medicine to wound care How a career coach helped Heather find a role that fit her needs The day-to-day work of a wound care physician Training protocols and requirements for this role Schedule flexibility, hours, and charting responsibilities Typical compensation for this position Dr. Awad’s life coaching business, focusing on weight loss   Links for this episode: Vibrant-MD - Dr. Heather Awad’s Website Check out our Free Resources! Under the Freebie tab on our website, you can find free resource guides on a variety of topics including resumes, interviewing, LinkedIn, medical writing, pharma, chart review, and telemedicine. There is also a starter kit to help you move forward when you’re feeling stuck at the crossroads. Please help yourself!
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