Automakers Unlocking The Future | #557
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Alan starts off the show with Lauren Fix – Editor-in-Chief for Car Coach Reports. Lauren shares her experience of the L.A. Auto Show where Toyota showcased its new 2025 Toyota Tacoma, 2025 Toyota Camry, 2025 Toyota Crown SUV,  “The Signia”. Lauren also drove some exciting vehicles, including an electric Hyundai Ioniq 5N, which produces V8 exhaust sound in ignite mode. The car handles smoothly and powerfully with its rev-matching synthesized sound. The L.A. Auto Show featured the new 2025 Subaru Forester 5th generation, 2025 Lucid Gravity SUV, Ford Gamer Van, and 2025 Mustang GTD. Lauren also announced her new channel “Car Smarts” showcasing car reviews and more which can be found on YouTube. Later, the duo discussed the National Transportation Safety Board’s call for a policy speed limiting technology in cars. This policy will restrict vehicles from going over the speed limit, which Lauren considers a bad idea. She encourages people to raise their voice and talk to their politicians about it. Ed Justice Jr. is the President and CEO of Justice Brothers, Inc. In a recent conversation, Ed shared his experience of interviewing Richard Petty, “The King”, of stock car racing, whom he had interviewed back in 1967. Petty won 27 out of 45 races, setting a record. He won a total of 200 races during his 34-year career. The interview took place at The Napa Valley Reserve winery, where Ed spoke about the challenges that Petty had to endure throughout his career, which was nothing short of amazing. Special Guest, CEO of Dodge, Tim Kuniskis, shares how Dodge’s new Demon is being sold at $500,000 over the window sticker, with 3,300 cars produced. The aim is to expand the customer base and sell 2 million Demons. The brand positioning strategy creates a problem with supply and demand. Before the car is built, the buyer has to sign an acknowledgment form that includes language about the car’s design and limitations. The pricing policy is serious, with the market determining the value. The name “Demon” caused some controversy, but the company decided to keep it. If you own an original Demon, they will match the VIN numbers of the new cars to the original ones. Steven Cole Smith, the Editor in-Chief of Car Coach Reports, leads a brand that lives by its motto “Domestic not Domesticated”. With a focus on the most expensive cars, like the Hellcats and Build Demons, they have built a community of 13 million fans who feel like family. Dodge’s marketing strategy is centered on calling itself a “Brotherhood of muscle” and creating a passion for driving its cars. While they are just beginning to explore electric cars, they haven’t forgotten the traditional muscle car experience of acceleration off the line. Dodge is bringing back the “Hornet” and has racing events like the Bristol Race. Every purchase of a new Dodge SRT vehicle comes with a class at the Radford racing school in Chandelier, Arizona. Additionally, Porsche has an experience center in Atlanta, where visitors can tour the museum and drive any Porsche car on the race track for around $450. [00:00:00] – Contributor Lauren Fix[00:07:05] – L.A. Auto Show[00:13:01] – Restricting Speed[00:20:52] – Contributor Ed Justice Jr. [00:29:42] – “The King”[00:37:22] – Hybrid Is The Way To Go[00:43:42] – Best of Show Special Guest Tim Kuniskis[00:50:54] – Brand Positioning[00:56:41] – Name Game[01:04:32] – Best of Show Contributor Stephen Cole Smith[01:13:04] – Brotherhood of Muscle[01:21:02] – Porsche Race Track CREDITS Host: Alan TaylorProducer: Dave MilliganCopy Editor: Colleen Mahi
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