They’re Back, the 2024 Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona| #565
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Alan is at the Barrett Jackson event in Scottsdale. Our guest, Mark Valentino, Director of Business Development at Radford Racing School, boasts highly-skilled instructors who teach driving skills. They are developing a course program for the new Demon 170 to help drivers get the most out of it. Radford offers driving courses to people who do not own a Dodge, a youth driving program, SCCA license program, and an F4 program. They also offer courses for straight-line, drag, and twisting tracks, and have a karting truck. Recently, Radford started a new initiative called the Radford Motorsports Club for people who own a race car and want to race more affordably. The club offers a chance to race on Friday nights under the lights at the Chandler, AZ track. For more information, visit the Radford Racing School website at Our next guest is Rick Malone,  Chief Driving Instructor of Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club, which is situated about 50 miles west of Las Vegas and is home to the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School, the Cadillac V Performance Academy, and Radical Racing Academy. The facility boasts 9.3 miles of race track and is located on just under 1000 acres of land. The largest track in North America, Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club is one of the most amazing Motorsports facilities in the United States, and is expected to surpass the Nurburgring. The facility also includes a Motorsports Country Club, 40 condos, and a two-day program that includes the use of our cars and equipment, breakfast, and the opportunity to bring along a guest who can participate in the schools. Next up is Cameron Foremaster, who is in charge of marketing here. Craig Jackson’s Camaro is also here. First, Cameron tells us about Craig’s car and what they did to it. They installed a pro touring subframe with a torque arm rear suspension. This build was done by Barrett Jackson and other companies like Muncie speed for carbon fiber, Dynacorn on the body, and GM performance. The result is a modern performance vehicle in a first-gen body. Cameron mentions that their company, Speed Master Speed Tech, makes chassis and suspension for 1st through 3rd Gen. Camaros, Novas, Chevelles, C10 trucks from 52 all the way up through the end of OBS Ford trucks, E-body Mopar, B-body Mopar, and first-gen Mustangs. Next is Jeff Taylor, Founder and CEO of Rover Trophy sources classic Land Rover Defenders from Spain, Italy, or Turkey and then imports them to his warehouse in Connecticut. He uses three different drive trains – LS3, Tesla, and diesel – and builds custom models, including a Woody Defender with an electric Tesla Model 3 rear Dr. unit. The starting price for one of his custom Defenders is around $199,000 and can go up to $345,000. Our next guest is, Phil Smunt is a sales manager at Roadster Shop, a car-building company with over 30 years of experience. They specialize in offering suspension options and production-style chassis for a wide range of vehicles, including muscle cars, trucks, and cruisers. In addition, they also provide custom chassis tailored to meet their clients’ specific design preferences. They offer different chassis designs tailored to meet specific ride stances and design preferences. If someone wants a custom chassis for a car that Roadster Shop has never designed before, the process can take about 10 to 12 months to complete. The company begins by scanning the vehicle and then goes into the design phase to build the chassis to the ride stance, wheel, and tire size requested. Up next we got Dennis Collins, the President of Collins Bros Jeep, has been in the custom Jeep business since 1984. They offer high-quality parts, accessories, and restoration services for Jeeps.
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