D&D Druids: Circle of Stars
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Will and Brian return to nature while extending their reach to the stars above. Learn all about the Circle of Stars and how they use the power of the great natural cosmos to reach new heights as adventurers this week on The Dungeoncast! Be sure to check out our sponsor: “The Adventurer’s Guide to the Bible” Kickstarter Looking to sponsor an episode or just say hello? Reach out [email protected] Or send us something by mail at: Po Box 1784, Upland, CA - 91785 Get your Dungeoncast Merchandise Check out our D&D Liveplay, Superquest Saga Support us on Patreon Join the community on Discord Get us a gift from our Amazon Wishlist  Follow us on Twitter Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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Will and Brian are tackling two subjects to honor the Year of the Fiend. The Marilith and the Goristro are two incredibly powerful creatures rivaled only by the few. Find out the full extent of their power this week on The Dungeoncast! Looking to sponsor an episode or just say hello? Reach out...
Published 05/16/22
Will and Brian are concluding their Journey through the main additions to Fizban's Treasury of Dragons with the illustrious Crystal Dragons! Their Neutral natures leave them with some dubious social behaviors, but are generally receptive to outsiders with good intentions. Find out just how...
Published 05/09/22
Published 05/09/22