Trauma - The Invisible Epidemic - with Dr. Paul Conti | The Empowering Neurologist EP. 151
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Trauma in our lives has lasting effects both in terms of our mental and physical wellbeing. Trauma, and its running partner, shame, affect our metabolism, our immune function, and even our gene expression. Further, trauma accelerates multiple markers of aging.   On the podcast today, I have the opportunity to spend time with Paul Conti, MD, author of the new book, Trauma, the Invisible Epidemic,  with a foreword by Lady Gaga. It’s a powerful look behind the curtain at the role of trauma in our lives, and fortunately, it provides helpful tools, for all of us, to deal with its lingering effects. The book explores trauma both through the lens of Dr. Conti as a professional as well as what has transpired in his own life that led him to explore the importance of this issue.    I am certain this program will offer benefit and hope to many.   ==== TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Intro 3:10 Getting to the Root Causes 15:20 Passing on Trauma to Others 27:30 Empowerment & Agency 32:30 the Limbic System 36:20 Trauma in the World Today 42:09 Urgency to Heal 48:56 Conclusion ====   Paul Conti, MD, is a graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine. He completed his psychiatry training at Stanford and at Harvard, where he was appointed chief resident. He then served on the medical faculty at Harvard before moving to Portland, Oregon, and founding a clinic. Dr. Conti serves patients and clients throughout the United States and internationally, including the executive leadership of large corporations. He is the author of Trauma: The Invisible Epidemic: How Trauma Works and How We Can Heal From It (Sounds True, October 5, 2021) and lives in Portland, OR with his wife and two children. For more, see   ___________________________ Instagram:   Website:   Subscribe to our channel: See for privacy information.
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