The Danger of Seed Oils & Finding a Healthier Option - w/ Jeff Nobbs | Empowering Neurologist EP159
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We've had so many discussions that's far about the importance of dietary fat for health and longevity. But to be clear, the type of fat we consume is of incredible importance. These days our diets seem to be loaded with vegetable oils and seed oils, and as we will learn, these are generally quite threatening to our health. In fact vegetable oils are only recently introduced into human nutrition with global production increasing 1600% since the early 1900s.   There is a strong correlation between the increase consumption of vegetable oils and seed the oils with the incidence of severe chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even various neurological conditions.    Today we are going to explore a new type of oil called cultured oil, prepared by fermentation and subsequent filtration. Leading this industry is a company called Zero Acres Farms, and as such, I have reach doubt to its co-founder and CEO, Jeff Nobbs, to explore exactly what this company is doing as well as the health benefits of their product.   ====   TIMESTAMPS:  0:00 Intro 2:28 Realizing the Danger of Omega 6 10:10 Low Fat Diets 12:35 HNE 17:00 Inflammation & Lanolin Acid 20:38 Environmental Impact of Seed Oils 24:00 Saturated Fat 28:15 New Way to Produce Oils 33:36 What to Look for while buying 39:02 Conclusion   ====   Jeff Nobbs:    Jeff Nobbs is the co-founder and CEO of Zero Acre Farms, a food company replacing destructive vegetable oils with healthier, more sustainable oils and fats made by fermentation. Prior to Zero Acre Farms, Jeff also co-founded the fast casual restaurant chain Kitava, food security non-profit HelpKitchen, and rewards shopping platform Extrabux. He has also served as COO for Perfect Keto and General Manager of Rakuten after it acquired Extrabux. Jeff blogs about health, nutrition, and sustainability at   ___________________________ Instagram:   Website:   Subscribe to our channel: See for privacy information.
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