Replacing Fructose with Allulose: Exploring the Science Artificial Sweeteners - Dr. Johnson | EP 175
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🧠 Stay ahead with the latest in science, nutrition, and wellness by subscribing to Dr. Perlmutter’s newsletter at: ✉️🌱 With so much discussion these days centered on metabolic health and issues like overweight, obesity, diabetes, and the downstream consequences of these health challenges, I think it's important to spend some time looking at what may be one of the pivotal  causes of metabolic disturbances, the consumption of fructose sugar. As such, I reached out to Dr. Richard Johnson, a world’s authority on the role of fructose in human metabolism, to share with us his latest thoughts not only related to fructose, but also including the various types of sweeteners that are available and have become very popular.  This discussion will take us into the world of GLP-1, a receptor that is stimulated by drugs like Ozempic. And no doubt, that is an area of discussion that is interesting for so many people. We begin our discussion however with Dr. Johnson describing his recent trip to Dubai where he attended the COP 28 climate conference which, interestingly, includes his insights related to the threats posed by climate change on human metabolism. Let me tell you a little bit more about Dr. Richard Johnson.He was formerly the chief of the Renal Division and Hypertension at the University of Colorado for nine years. He’s a physician, trained in internal medicine, infectious disease, and nephrology. Dr. Johnson is a widely cited NIH-funded scientist who has lectured in over 40 countries and has authored three books, The Sugar Fix, The Fat Switch, and the new Nature Wants Us to Be Fat. Rick has a special interest in the role of sugar and especially fructose and its byproduct uric acid in driving metabolic and kidney disorders. And most recently he has been exploring the biological properties of a unique sugar, allulose, a topic we discuss in great depth. ==== 0:00 Intro  1:56 Climate Change and Rising Health Concerns  12:53 Correlation of Uric Acid and Impulsivity 20:50 The Mechanics of Obesity as a Low Energy State 26:12 How Our Biology Supports Weight Gain 28:38 Impact of Sugar and Carbs on the Body 31:50 Should you avoid fruit? 33:09 What We should Be Doing 35:03 The World of Low Calorie Sugars 37:55 Disadvantages of Artificial Sweeteners  41:32 Allulose: The Next Best Thing?  54:19 How CGMs Will Change Your Perspective 55:10 The Role of Quercetin on Mitophagy  58:20 Conclusion ==== Dr. Johnson has performed medical research since the early 1980s and has been funded by the NIH since 1987. Most of  his research has focused on the pathogenesis of kidney diseases, but during the last 12 years his studies have also included studies of the pathogenesis of primary hypertension, insulin resistance and diabetes, diabetic nephropathy, and obesity. Much of his work has involved a combination of cell culture and animal models with a strong translational component, but he has also been involved in a number of clinical trials and epidemiology-based studies. ___________________________ Instagram: Website: Subscribe to our channel:
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