#275 Moving 10,000km from Home
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This is a very special episode because we're doing something a little bit different. Today I'm bringing you to the centre of Bangkok for an outdoor episode.▶️ Click here to watch this episode on YouTube - https://youtu.be/vNBOT3nBxBgI talk about relocating and moving away from your home while walking around one of the central parks in Bangkok, Thailand. I discuss the difficulties, my personal experiences, and I share lots of useful and relevant English phrases that you can use connected to th...
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Stephen from the SEND7 podcast joins me today for a talk about the news. We cover a wide range of topics, such as learning English with the news, avoiding bias and fake news, how to deal with news anxiety, and some positive stories you may have missed. Stephen also shares reasons why he's...
Published 07/24/24
Published 07/24/24
I'm so excited for this topic, because today we're looking at Cognitive Biases.This is how our brains can trick us into certain beliefs and behaviours. Learn about things like the Sunk Cost Fallacy, Loss Aversion, Confirmation Bias, and more!We'll be talking about examples of how these things...
Published 07/17/24