69 - Ken Ralston - VFX Legend - Star Wars, Star Trek, BTTF
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For this episode, number 69 I spoke with ILM and Sony Picture Imageworks legend Ken Ralston. Ken started on VFX in advertising, then in 1976 he was employed to work on a little film called Star Wars. He remained at ILM for 20 years having worked on Star Wars, Star Trek, Dragon Slayer, Back to the Future, I mean the list is huge. He then went on to work as Visual Effect Supervisor and Creative Head at Sony Pictures Imageworks. He’s won five academy awards during his career. If you know who Ken is, you’ll love this conversation. If you don’t know who Ken is, firstly WHY? But secondly, you’ll definitely know his work. He of course recently featured in the Disney+ Lawrence Kasdan documentary series Light and Magic. But as ever I am keen to dig a little deeper. I hope you enjoy our conversation. Filmumentaries Merch! Support the Podcast on Patreon
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