BONUS: Gary Hibbert on The Everyday Investor - How To Live A Life By Design
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On this episode Gary is interviewed by Aleks Sydorow & Aisha Govani on their podcast The Everyday Investor Podcast, on how to live a life by design. Gary and his wife Darlene started down the path years ago of transitioning from a 9-5 to a life where THEY had more control of work/life balance, which lead to being semi-retired for 2 months in the winter, and two months every summer! Are YOU interested in designing a life like this, where YOU are in control of your work/life balance? Don’t miss this chat where Gary shares information and tips to enable you to have this life as well…   WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: How and WHY you’d like to design and live a life by design How this lifestyle can lead to early retirement The tools that Gary uses to work, grow and change his mindset The power of goal setting The value and importance of communication Aligning your goals with your desired lifestyle And MORE!   Bio Gary Hibbert | Investment Realtor Ninja  Sales Rep @ Our Neighbourhood Realty Say hi at [email protected] Gary Hibbert is a full time Real Estate investor, licenced Real Estate agent, achieving various Realtor awards and educator. In 2008 he purchased his first investment property and through hard work and dedication left the regiment of the corporate world to become a full time entrepreneur in 2014. Gary has helped hundreds of clients with creating a wealth strategy plan through public speaking, online webinars and even has his own Podcast channel dedicated to inspire and educate anyone willing to change their mindset. He continues to play an active role in his community by attending corporate, private and school events to educate adults and especially children. Gary’s inspiration and hard work comes from his passion in helping others and wanting to make a difference in their lives. Being able to design a lifestyle of your choice is not an easy feat however, it’s attainable as long as you have passion and know what your ‘why’ is. Gary's mentorship program visit    This episode proudly sponsored by SFG Paralegal. Today's podcast is brought to you by SFG paralegal. Their services are all about advocating for your best interests. With a team experience of over 15 years, they assist everyday people with their legal queries and matters. They are skilled in landlord and tenant board, small claims court and human rights, among others. They are professionals and S.F. Paralegal are exactly who you want in your corner. Find them at: SFG Paralegal.   Other Links: Private Investing, visit Real Estate Investment Club visit  Gary's mentorship program visit  Start your own Podcast visit    Tags:  #realestateincanada, #realestatecanada, #realestatepodcast, #realestateinvesting, #investingincanada, #investplusrealty, #househunting, #canadianrealestate, #canadianpodcast, #buyinghomes, #investmentproperties, #wealth, #howtobecomewealthy, #mindset, #realtor, #realestate, #explicit, #howtobuyrealestate, #safeinvesting, #safeinvestments, #mentorship, #faith
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