#110:  Straight From The Streets w/Chris Hummell & Quinton Cordick
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#110:  Straight From The Streets On this week’s show Gary chats with his partners Quinton Cordick and Christopher Hummell about their journeys as real estate agents and investors. They’ve had a lot of fun building up SmartHomeChoice to be able to serve thousands of investors build their portfolios, while making the process as stress-free as possible. They talked about the market and what’s happening on the streets, as the headlines in the media don’t always tell the complete story. Who’s driving the market - experienced investors, new investors? They also discussed where to invest - Peterborough, outside of Peterborough… WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Why comparable listings from months back are basically useless these days because the market is moving so quickly Why some houses are receiving multiple offers and some aren’t Is every house these days appraising at its value Why you shouldn’t worry these days if houses are on the market for 2 weeks Will the 10% month over month growth continue Why it’s harder to predict what a property will close at Why Quinton and Chris are calling agents to check what owners want for a property, before showing it and preparing offers, to not waste their clients’ time Some properties are being listed at a price, but the owner wants double Why an agent that works in the area is way more effective than of market agents It doesn’t matter if we are at the peak of the market, if the numbers make sense Why they respect the client’s comfort level What type of properties are being purchased now Anything in the news is ‘news’, it’s not what’s happening now Where are the opportunities now - Peterborough, further afield? Why there will ALWAYS be renters  And MORE! Quinton’s Bio Quinton is an established Real Estate agent with 10+ years of solid experience. He recognizes every real estate transaction is a major financial event in his client’s lives. He prides himself on careful attention to each client’s unique set of needs by delivering the services required to fully represent his clients with honesty and integrity. After graduating from York University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, Quinton went on to work in the field of Communications. It is there where he honed his interpersonal and communication skills which he has carried forward into the world of real estate and investments. Quinton enjoys staying active through playing baseball and basketball. He is also a dedicated husband and father to his two children. Christopher’s Bio Chris has been investing in rental properties for near a decade.  He is a full time investor and a full time real estate agent.  Over this period Chris has contributed to various projects and has worked with some of the best in the industry.  Having won several real estate awards himself and being profiled in several RE Investment magazines and articles, he continues to contribute his knowledge and experience with web articles, videos, seminars and events. Chris has a background in sales, public speaking and marketing. He prides himself on his people skills and aspires to teaching others how to achieve their financial goals through real estate investing and taking action. One of his personal goals is to mentor disadvantaged youth to show them that anybody can be successful and achieve their dreams. He has a family with two beautiful young children whom he adores and loves to spend time with. Website/contact info for guests Web: https://smarthomechoice.ca/ourteam/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smarthomechoice Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/smarthomechoiceinc This episode proudly sponsored by AGHI Home Inspections and Brian Daley. Whether buying or selling a property, AGHI recognizes that the process can be stressful. It is critical that any decision you make be one that is based on knowing all of the
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