#129: Brian Daley - Protecting Your Real Estate Investment For The Long Term
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#129: Brian Daley - Protecting Your Real Estate Investment For The Long Term On this week’s show Gary chats with good friend and trusted home inspector for SmartHomeChoice, Brian Daley. Gary has personally been using Brian’s/AGHI services for over 10 years. AGHI helps investors make sure they are buying the best property for them, but also protecting their assets for the long term. Brian has personally built several homes and renovated others, so he has a detailed knowledge of the inner workings of properties. During this informative and fun conversation, Brian shares some information that even Gary was unaware of about home inspections! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN:   Why the outside of a property is critical for investors A review of vents, soffits, cracks, etc and their importance What types of insulation might be in a home, and are any of them harmful A discussion of mold and should you be afraid Plumbing fixtures and piping and which ones are BANNED What red flags you should be worried about The home structure and its importance What’s behind the wall? And MORE! Brian’s Bio Brian Daley is the President of AGHI Inc. He brings over 35 years of practical experience in marketing, client relations, education, and communication skills to the Home Inspection business. AGHI has provided residential home inspection services to owners of new homes and re-sale home buyers throughout Ontario since 2002. He works with top producing real estate brokerages providing trusted service to their agents and clients. Brian has developed and taught programs to Home Inspectors providing field training and practical communication skills training. In 2021 he launched an on-line course through his publisher Orderline designed to educate consumers, trades and designers about how to inspect a house. The credit course offers participants the perfect launch for starting a career in Home Inspection.   Brian has written the book “Guide to Home Inspectors” through his publisher Orderline and he has published numerous articles in local and national print media that provide sound advice to consumers on home related items and the home inspection process.  Brian has appeared as host and guest expert on numerous home related television programs on both HGTV and Investigation Discovery and is recognized as an industry leader and innovator in the field of home inspections in Canada. He is a Registered Home Inspector (RHI) member of the Provincial (OAHI) and National (CAPHI) Home Inspection associations. Website/contact info for guest Web: http://www.bookahomeinspection.com Phone: (416) 526-7482 This episode proudly sponsored by BM Select - https://bmselect.ca Are you looking to become a millionaire through real estate investing? Then BM Select is for you! BM Select has helped more people become millionaires over the past 15 years than ANY OTHER mortgage broker in Canada! BM Select focuses on working with Real Estate Investors who are looking to begin or expand their portfolio, as well as specializing in working with customers that are engaged with our host of Realtor contacts across Canada. At BM Select we offer strategic mortgage solutions with dedicated Agent Support along with leading-edge Underwriting and Fulfillment Services that allow you to sleep well knowing your mortgage transactions are being handled by top quality professionals. Interested in learning more about Real Estate Investing? Visit https://www.smarthomechoice.ca To learn more about Gary’s mentorship program, visit https://garyhibbert.ca
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