EP.71 Keeper Of The Greens - Jason Johnson (Broome Golf Club)
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Keeper Of The Greens is proudly brought to you by Colin Campbell Chemicals. Click on their name and it will take you straight to their website for more information. Don;t forget to click here https://poaforum.floktu.com/ to buy your ticket to join the Poa Forum at Woodlands Golf Club in Melbourne on 25th October 2022. Broome Golf Club is unique and it is remote. It has plenty wonderful wildlife in a quintessential Aussie setting and it's maintenance team is led by Superintendent Jason Johnson. Jason is the kind of guy you want to work for and the kind of guy you want working for your club. He's intelligent, humble, passionate and above all a down right great bloke! Join us on this entertaining and enjoyable conversation as Jason delves into his greenkeeping career path which by his own admission is indifferent. A path less travelled, sure. But one that has led Jason to the remote tourist destination of Broome where he is very much at home. Jason let's us in on just what it takes to maintain a golf course in such a remote region of Australia and also such a challenging climate of Australia. If I'm being honest, I'm still unsure just how he and his team does it! You will definitely laugh along the way during this podcast, no doubt like I did, and you will also realise what the future holds for Broome Golf Club with a person like Jason as Superintendent. A very bright one!  So strap yourself in, grab a drink of choice and put your thongs on because this one will take you away for an adventure! Things mentioned in this podcast: Broome Golf Club Margaret River (Margs) Golf Club The Australian Golf Club What is Pindan? Just how far it is from Broome to Perth for TAFE Sydney Funnel-Web Spider
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