EP.74 Campbell's Corner - Resources
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Campbell's Corner is a podcast segment with my sponsor of the podcast Colin Campbell Chemicals. www.campbellchemicals.com.au This installment of Campbell's Corner has Nadeem passing over some of his best resources. Where you can find more information about the the science of the turf industry and a way for you to learn more in your own time. We look at a number of book titles which are Nadeem's favourites. We also look into websites and social media groups, along with some of Nadeem's recommended podcasts to listen to. This is all in an effort to give you more places to further your knowledge with quick recommendations, saving all the research time often required to find the good stuff. Nadeem delivers the good stuff right to your ears and we have the book titles and other links below. Links to things mentioned in this podcast: Books Titles: Turf Management by Turgeon and Kaminski Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases by Smiley, Dernoeden, Clarke Pest Management of Turfgrass for sport and recreation by Kaapro, Beehag, Manners A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides by Latin Management of Turfgrass Diseases by Vargas Weed Control in turf and ornamentals by Turgeon, McCarty, Christians Websites (clickable links): Turf Management Australia facebook group Resist Poa  Turfgrass Information File (TGIF) University Websites (clickable Links): Penn State University Tennessee Uni Florida Rutgers Clemson Wisconsin University North Carolina Purdue UC riverside Podcasts (clickable links): Behind The Turf Turf Tuesdays turfPH Dudes
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