EP.75 Keeper Of The Greens - Tim Warren (Glenelg Golf Club)
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Keeper Of The Greens is proudly brought to you by Colin Campbell Chemicals. Click on their name and it will take you straight to their website for more information. Tim Warren may be kicking goals left, right and centre as Superintendent at Glenelg Golf Club, but he's also worked at a number of golf courses prior to this position, many of which you may never have heard of. Tim grants me, and you as the audience, an open invitation into his extensive greenkeeping career which saw him leave the family farm from rural Victoria for an early and brief taste of sports turf maintenance at the one and only MCG. Tim walks us through the challenges he encountered from being a hungry young greenkeeper in search of his first golf course as a Superintendent, through to managing a golf course during disastrous bushfires of Central Victoria, all the way to being ahead of the curve in environmental stewardship managing the course at Glenelg Golf Club in Adelaide. Tim also gives us an insight into just what the team and club at Glenelg are getting up to on course (which is a great deal) including the work behind Tim and Monina Gilbey recently receiving the ASTMA Claude Crockford Sustainability & Environment Award. We also get talking about getting the message of the work golf clubs and courses are doing regarding environmental stewardship out into the broader community. I don't think I need to tell you about my enthusiasm of having Tim on the podcast for this interview where I've been fangirling at the thought of this for quite some time! There's so much to take in during this podcast, so sit back and get ready to enjoy this one with Tim Warren. You hit 'em clean and we'll keep 'em green. Places mentioned in this podcast: Glenelg Golf Club The Grange Golf Club Royal Adelaide Golf Club Kooyonga Golf Club Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Resort West Beach Parks Golf Horsham Golf Club Penola Golf Club Millicent Golf Club Mt Gambier Golf Club
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