EP.84 The Board Room - Mat Goggin (7 Mile Beach Golf Course)
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The Board Room segment of The Golfing Greenkeeper Podcast is sponsored by The Social Media Birdie. If you're a golf club, golf course or business in the golf industry, then The Social Media Birdie is who you need to look after your social and digital media for you. Check them out by clicking here The Social Media Birdie Ever thought "Hey, someone should build a golf course over there!" Well, that's exactly what touring professional golfer Mat Goggin thought many years ago of an area of land at 7 Mile Beach in Hobart, Tasmania. If you're into golf then you've probably heard something about the new golf course being built at 7 Mile Beach. If not, that's ok, because I'm about to load you up full of sand! And by sand, I mean information about the 7 Mile Beach golf course as I spend some time with Mat Goggin, the driving force behind one of the most exciting golf course construction projects in Australia. Join Mat Goggin and I as we discuss just how much time, effort and work is involved in building a world class public access golf course from scratch. Mat is very open as we dive not only into the moments that spawned the idea of building a golf course at 7 Mile Beach, but also the passion he is putting into this project and what he wants it to become. This podcast you are sure to enjoy no matter how much you think you already know about 7 Mile Beach! You hit 'em clean and we'll keep 'em green! People and places mentioned in this podcast: 7 Mile Beach Golf Course 7 Mile Beach Instagram account 7 Mile Beach Golf Shop Mat Goggin (Wiki Profile) Lindy Goggin - One of The Greats (by David Newbery) Inside Golf - 27th May 2016 Clayton DeVries Pont (CDP) Barnbougle Royal Melbourne Golf Club 2009 Open Championship Turnberry
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