The End Game Ep. 22 - Simon Mikhailovich PREVIEW
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Founder of The Bullion Reserve, Simon Mikhailovich joins Bill and Grant for the latest episode of The End Game to discuss the idea of a failed state being a potentially unexpected resolution to the current financial and geopolitical turbulence enveloping the world. Drawing on his formative experiences in the Soviet Union and his family’s subsequent expatriation to the United States, Simon explains how the collapse of an empire felt for those living under its umbrella, the parallels he sees in the West of today and the signs he’s looking for to suggest an acceleration of the move towards a catastrophic failure. Simon discusses the role played by gold in similar events throughout history and answers the question ‘has the West moved past the point of no return?’ in a way that may surprise you... As a reminder, Silver Tier subscribers to get access to both Things That Make You Go Hmmm… and all editions of The Grant Williams Podcast, including The End Game, The Super Terrific Happy Hour, and The Narrative Game so sign up today!
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